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Comprehensive Laser Solutions for Footwear

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First, the development status of the footwear industry

1. With the improvement of living standards, changes in aesthetic standards, and the pursuit of individuality, orders in the footwear industry tend to be multi-variety and small batches. In order to better meet the production needs of these orders, the entire footwear industry urgently needs more systematic production solutions.

2. Problems existing in traditional shoemaking process:

Process problems: Due to the small size of shoes, the space for creating beauty is limited, and more advanced fine equipment and processes are urgently needed to innovate the appearance.

Quality problems: Most of the processes are done by hand, and the product quality is uneven due to human factors, and it is difficult to achieve better stability.

Efficiency problem: The production efficiency is low, mainly relying on a large number of ordinary labor to complete the order according to the flow, and it is urgent to complete the intelligent transformation.

Cost problem: The large amount of labor in the production process causes high management costs, and excessive manual labor will also cause waste of materials.

Personnel problem: The factory cannot find young people, many links rely too much on the master, and many equipment in the production process have hidden dangers to personal safety.

2. The superiority of the endurance laser system allows you to easily complete the shoe material cutting and double the efficiency:

Endurance Laser has more than ten years of experience in the actual application of machines unique to the industry, and has accumulated rich experience in laser technology and application technology of various shoe materials. Intelligent all-round laser solutions can systematically improve the process and efficiency of the footwear industry.

1. Automatic grading software (instantly grading standard shoe sizes to all shoe sizes)

2. Automatic typesetting software: automatically perform the most reasonable typesetting for each code according to the material size, which can save up to 20% of materials.

3. Intelligent identification technology/intelligent projection technology (optional. It can intelligently identify or align special shoe materials such as printing, shoe labels, flying weaving, and accurately cut)

Endurance Laser provides the perfect solution for the field of shoemaking!

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