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Optical film laser cutting solution

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Nority laser cutting is suitable for touch screen PET, automotive film, OLED flexible display, OCA, conductive film and optical film, polarizer, privacy film, electroplating film, ITO conductive film, hard film, electronic paper, light guide plate, backlight source , cold light sheet, ceramic substrate, IT plastic components, electronic insulation materials, switch film, clean cloth, foam, leather cover, leather, plastic, carbon fiber, injection nozzle parts, high density board, printed circuit board, 3M, PET, Precision cutting of non-metallic materials such as ABS, PC, PS, PCR, ITO, EL, NOMEX, PAPER insulating materials, plexiglass (acrylic), etc. At the same time, it is especially suitable for large-size (such as double 12-inch, 30-inch or more) optical film cutting.


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