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NL-1814T-TF-AT Big Vision Laser Cutting Machine

Functional parameters

  • Model:NL-1814T-TF-AT
  • Laser type:CO2 laser
  • Laser power(W):80W-300W(Optional)
  • Working Area(mm):1600x1200mm


  • Cooling method:Water cooling
  • Power demand:1PH+1 AC 220V 15A 50/60HZ 或 110V 60HZ(Optional)
  • Machine weight:About:N.W 700kg,G.W 750kg (KG)
  • Machine dimensions:2400*2200*2500mm (mm)




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The equipment adopts a single-lens reflex black and white smart camera with a special control system, which can meet the requirements of one-time identification and cutting of large patterns such as marks, trademarks, school seals, etc., thereby greatly improving the cutting accuracy and cutting efficiency. It is another technological innovation in the cutting field.

1. Applicable materials

This product is suitable for non-metallic materials such as cloth, leather, wool, plexiglass, rubber, PCB, wood products, etc.

2. Applicable industries

This type of machine is suitable for trademark weaving, clothing leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, template cutting, paper products and other industries.


3. The advantages and characteristics of the machine

1) Automatic camera positioning and cutting.

2) The material can be placed at any angle

3) Large format recognition function 

4) Precise cutting, no burnt edge, no yellow edge.

5) The system is lightweight, saves space and is easy to operate.

6) Improve the optical path system, the laser power is stable and the service life is long.

7) Three kinds of data interaction (U disk, PC, IP)

8) The software supports AI, PLT, BMP, JPG, DXF, DST formats, and is seamlessly compatible with CorelDRAW, CAD, PHOTOSHOP and other drawing software.

Laser typeCO2 LASER
Cooling methodWater cooling
Laser power80W-300W(Optional)
Cutting speed0-800mm/s
Engraving speed0-1500mm/s
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.05mm
Effective processing range1600x1200mm
Power supply1PH+1 AC 220V 15A 50/60HZ or 110V 60HZ(Optional)
Weightabout:N.W 700kg,G.W 750kg
Environmental requirements

Temp 15℃-35℃, humidity 30%-80%(No condensation)

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