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NL-H1000W-F Laser welding machine

Functional parameters

  • Model:NL-H1000W-F
  • Laser type:Fiber laser
  • Laser power(W):500W-2000w(Optional)
  • Working Area(mm):


  • Cooling method:Water cooling
  • Power demand:220V 50/60HZ
  • Machine weight: (KG)
  • Machine dimensions: (mm)




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1. Product introduction

Laser welding machines mainly use high-power fiber lasers, which act on metal materials and generate high heat to complete the needs of welding. The equipment is widely used in automobiles, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, shipbuilding, chemical industry, aerospace, aviation, power batteries and daily necessities. and other industries.

2. Machine Features:

1. Energy, pulse width and frequency can be adjusted to achieve different welding effects.

2. The laser machine has high energy density, low heat input, small thermal energy influence area, and large welding depth。

3. Compared with traditional contact welding, laser welding does not require welding rods and auxiliary solders, thereby reducing daily maintenance costs and improving work efficiency.

4. The welding seam is smooth, flat and beautiful, without post-welding treatment.

5. Low cost of operation and maintenance, fiber laser has a life of 100,000 hours and can be used for 6-8 years.

6. A variety of angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding needs of different products.

3. Application industry:

It is widely used in automobile, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment,

shipbuilding, chemical industry, aerospace, aviation, power battery and daily

necessities industries.

4. Parameter specification:

1.Laser power 1000-2000w

2. Laser wavelength 1064nm

3.Laser head jitter welding head

4.Laser frequency 50-5000Hz

5.Power adjustment range 5-100%

6.Beam quality 1.1m2

7.Power supply 220V/50Hz 

8. Welding or cutting depth >5mm

9.Optical fiber cable length 15m (customizable)

10.Cooling method: water cooling

11. Machine Size 103*60*114cm

12. Weight 250KG

13.Power consumption around 2500W

Laser power500W-2000W(Optional)
Laser wavelength1064nm 
Laser headJitter joint
Laser Repetition Rate50-5000Hz 
  • Power regulating range
  • Beam Quality
Power supply220V/50Hz
Depth of welding or cutting>5mm 
Cable length15m(Customizable)
Cooling methodWater cooling

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