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3D large format dynamic marking machine

Functional parameters

  • Model:
  • Laser type:
  • Laser power(W):
  • Working Area(mm):


  • Cooling method:
  • Power demand:
  • Machine weight: (KG)
  • Machine dimensions: (mm)




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1. product description 

The equipment is specially designed for large-format and curved products by using 3D dynamic control system, and meets the requirements of one-time marking of large-format products and products with irregular curved surfaces. This is another new technology breakthrough in the field of marking. 

2. Main functions of the software:

1). With text, pattern, QR code, barcode and other editing functions;

2). Receive drawing files converted by other various design software such as Corldraw, CAD, AI, etc.

Common format files: PLT, DXF, JPG, etc.

3). Automatically generate various serial numbers, production dates, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, and automatically skip numbers according to the rules.

4). The red light previews the function of the working area before marking.

5). Automatically calculate the working time after marking, and easily calculate the output.

6). Support TXT, Excel document import and mark.

7). Support the scanning and marking operation by scanning the code gun.

8) The size of the effect is adjustable, and the depth of the marking effect is adjustable.

9) Cooperate with 3D dynamic control system: large-format and curved products can be marked at one time.

3.Equipment can be selected and customized according to customer's products and specific needs.

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